ICU Service Group

About Us
ICU Service Group LLC is a veteran owned company located in Scottsdale, Arizona. ICU's founder has over 19 years of Law Enforcement and Military Service. ICU continues to grow every year by providing unmatched customer service with superior product. Unlike many others, ICU is a no fluff security company. We know from our background that the “boogie man” is real and bad things do happen. ICU will be there when it matters most; we will be there when it counts.

Our Clients

Our clients demand a high level of excellence, sometimes their lives depend on it. We recognize that every clients situation is different. Whether we are securing a residence or a business, we can design a system specifically for that property and the needs of that client. We can modify existing systems and/or develop new ones. Once a security system is in place, we will maintain a high level of customer service to ensure that system stays in place.

Our Mission

Our mission at ICU is not only to provide a quality service to the public but also to other security companies throughout the State of Arizona. ICU can act as a support unit for these companies in many different areas. We can provide Alarm Systems, Access Controls,  Video Surveillance, Virtual Guarding, GPS Tracking, Security Screens/Doors, Handyman and Custom Designs.